Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists


    "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors provides readers with insights into some of the ways in which predators and troublemakers may abuse the Internet, causing direct harm or at least psychological damage on other unsuspecting users," Read the full review at Sir Read A Lot

    Praise for the 2nd edition from Montel Williams:
    "Learn how to stay ahead of online criminals and use the Internet safely! A must-read. . .pick it up today!"

    "I found helpful information on every page. This is a top-shelf addition to my ‘due diligence’ library." Gene Galusha, narrator of "The New Detectives" (Discovery Channel) and "Investigators" (Court TV).

  • "Hitchcock's research is excellent, so you can trust her technology recommendations. A further stamp of technology approval is in the forward written by Vinton Cerf, widely regarded (along with Bob Kahn) as one of the founding fathers of the Internet. If you own a computer, or even if you simply use one at the office, I highly recommend Net Crimes and Misdemeanors," Rod Turnham, Charlotte Observer columnist

  • "This is a good security awareness book for anyone who is relatively new to the net, combining realistic threat descriptions with pragmatic security advice," Notice Bored blog

  • "Net Crimes would make an excellent supplement for an undergraduate course in cybercrime. Her work merits placement at the top of the college cybercrime literature list because her style resonates with students. I found that I could not put it down for long," Matthew Magliozzi from NetworkWorld

  • "As part of that education process SAD # 46 held a workshop on September 19th entitled Net Crimes & Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering the Spammers, Swindlers, and Stalkers Who Are Targeting You Online.One thing was clear from the presentations: our children are going on-line in large numbers, and as parents we need to keep track of what they are doing and help teach them to be safe while on-line." Dexter Middle and High Schools, Dexter, Maine.

  • "This book is essential reading for anyone who uses the Internet. One of the most remarkable things about this book is that it is universally relevant. I didn't realise how much I needed this book unti8l I read it, but now I certainly feel more confident that I can stay safe online, and if I don't, I know where I can turn to for support," Karyn Meaden, New Library World, Vol 108, No. 1/2, 2007, pp 89-90

  • "This book is great because it explains all sorts of online dangers that you hear about in the media, but aren’t too sure about what they are or how they happen.I highly recommend reading this book, because it will increase your technology savvy. I cleaned it up in a day while camping.," Joe Vandal, book review

  • "This revised, expanded second edition of Net Crimes & Misdemeanors: Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, And Con Artists comes from a cybercrime expert who provides easy, efficient methods for handling a wide range of online attacks. Himself a one-time victim of cyberstalking, Hitchcock became a victim's advocate and so doesn't come from a programmer's background. Her coverage therefore is most accessible to the lay consumer – the most likely victim of such crimes – and offers insights and tips on preventing everything from identity theft to internet dating, newsgroup problems and more," Midwest Book Reviews

  • "Shows how to recognize cybercrime, how to avoid it, how to defend yourself against it and where to get help when you need it ... good advice on encryption and anti-virus software ... an extensive list of resources you can contact if you are a victim, and a glossary for the newcomer. The tips, stories and insights make it an excellent introduction for the novice and expert alike." The Electronic Library

  • "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors conveys, in clear and direct language, what to do when faced with electronic attacks, online opportunists, and con artists. This book should be valued for its index and online site ... Each chapter gives the reader strategies and places to go for help." Business Information Alert

  • "Read this book and you will think twice about everything you do on the Internet ... The author has written the book at a level that even a fairly novice reader can understand, while still being useful to the more experienced ... This is a must-read book for anyone using the Internet ... if you are victimized, or know someone has been, the resources and advice provided in this book will prove invaluable." Online Magazine

  • "The language is nontechnical and explanatory. There are numerous interviews and other primary data, illustrating or providing examples for various points, including reproductions of actual email and chat messages, which make fun reading ... This reviewer learned something new from almost every chapter." The Journal of Academic Librarianship

  • "While the crimes keep the reader glued to the book (I did not put it down until I reached the end), its real value lies in its advice for current victims, as well as for those who want to better protect themselves online." The Virtual Chase

  • "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors by J. A. Hitchcock is a book that every attorney should own simply because the Internet affects virtually every facet of life. It is the perfect reference manual for both experienced and inexperienced Internet users ... Hitchcock thoughtfully discusses every major type of online crime in its own chapter, including identity theft, credit card fraud, cyber stalking, and harassment. Each chapter is cleverly structured, beginning with the presentation of a cyber crime topic and then illustrating that topic with actual case examples." The Journal of High Technology Law

  • "J. A. Hitchcock uses her own experience as the victim of a cyberstalker to help others avoid the very real problems of online crime." St. Petersburg Times

  • "The book shows clearly the need to extend our survival instincts from being street-wise to also being cyber-wise. To this end much of the content is devoted to protection. From protecting children whilst on the Net, staying safe in the workplace or university, to using sensible measures to protect your PC from viruses and hackers ... Step by step, how-to guides are presented for key topics ... At the end of each chapter are helpful endnotes outlining further reading, explanations, or useful organisations to contact ... the book is a must-see for anyone using the Internet ... Jayne Hitchcock has become an expert in cyber-crimes ... It is well worth reading and taking some of her advice." New Library World

  • "Filled with easy-to-understand tips and techniques about what to do about junk email, invasion of privacy, financial schemes and scams, cyberstalking, and the dreaded identity theft ... There is a generous listing of resources at the end of the book that are organized by chapter and some 'bonus' sites are included ... Jayne Hitchcock's book would be a valuable reference resource in any type of library setting." Journal of Hospital Librarianship

  • "Ms. Hitchcock outlines the major threats to Internet privacy and safety we face in a clear, easy-to-read, and very comprehensive manner. Although the book caters more to the novice Web surfer than it does the technologically adept, even hardcore geeks will be impressed at how she takes stories of cyberstalking, spoofing, auction fraud, and flame wars and puts human faces on all of them.
    Though message boards and newsgroups have been replaced with blogs and MySpace, the basic principles of being smart and protecting yourself when you go online are even more important, and Hitchcock reminds us that no matter how smart or savvy you think you are, you can end up a victim of "Net Crimes", unless you pay attention.
    Definitely recommended,"
    Martin Bosworth, Consumer Reports magazine.

  • "It is an excellent reference, well illustrated and clearly explained, so that even those individuals with no technical background can easily benefit from the tips, advice and instructions it contains. The site is loaded with links to online security information in more than a dozen categories," Molouk Y. Ba-Isa, Arab News Staff

  • "The website for Netcrimes and Misdemeanors compliments the book very nicely. If you get your hands on the book, there are some very interesting and true stories of online abuse and how in many instances it becomes harassment offline as well," Katherine Bryan

  • "I am enjoying reading your book. It is lucky for me that your writing English is very understandable for me. I feel like you wrote this book not only for English natives but also for non-English natives," Kazu Hashimoto, graduate of Ritsumeiken University and organizer of MIA digs in Okinawa, Japan.

  • "Brilliant book. I read it at home, took to an Internet cafe, discussed it with other authors. Every time I read it, I learn something new, even though I've been around technology, chat and such for quite a while. This is the bible of crime and nasties to look out for on the web. Every media man(or women) should get a copy!" Greg Tingle, Media Man Australia

  • "This book is a very realistic volume about the dangers present on the Internet, and what just about anyone can do to be safer. For people who spend any amount of time online, whether it be email, chat or shopping, this book is a MUST. It is one of the best summaries of online hazards I have read. This one is well worth the price!" David R. Bess, Top 1000 Reviewer.

  • "Her book is filled with easy-to-understand tips and techniques. . .Jayne Hitchcock's book would be a valuable reference resource in any type of library setting," Donell Decenzo, Journal of Hospital Librarianship magazine

  • "I really believe that the public owes you a great debt of gratitude for your instructional book on how to navigate the internet safely!!!" Joe Caulfied, Host of It's The Joe Show on New Black City Radio

  • "The book is a very personal account of what can go wrong on the Internet, and will be welcomed by those who feel uneasy about the speed and reach of the new technology," David Mason, Victoria University of Wellingonton, in the Emerald Journal The Electronic Library, vol. 21 no. 4

  • "Jayne, your book is awesome. I've been able to help several women with suggestions from your book that so far are working," Denise Brown

  • ". . .the book is a 'must see' for anyone using the Internet. It is well worth reading and taking some of her (the author's) advice," Barbara Sen, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Information, Liverpool John Moores University (the entire review is in Volume 104 of New Library Journal, Number 4/5 2003, page 181).

  • "Your book was instrumental as a resource in writing my latest book One On Nothing. I am grateful for the information you made available," Sharolett Koenig, author of several mystery books.

  • "I just read your book entitled: "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors." Just wanted you to know it was very well written and I certainly think it is needed for a variety of reasons. As you know us ordinary folks out here get anything and everything in our email boxes. The newest spam filters are at least a help for this problem. But you wrote a lot about the real nasty side to it all and that needs to be told," Greg Burgoyne, Phoenix, AZ

  • "I firmly believe that your book is superior to the countless others that have crossed my desk. Too many folks are too slack for their own good regarding internet security," Doug McKee, host of Talk of the Town at WATR Radio, Waterbury, Connecticut

  • "At first glance, I was sure that this was just another computer security book. I was mistaken. Hitchcock's first person examples of Internet abuse, including online stalking, identity theft, fraud involving adoption and auctions, as well as stolen credit and personal information, lets the reader know that it can affect them too-even if they think they are being diligent. This title would be a definite benefit in public and home libraries where the consumer would have quick access when needed," Linda Horne, Shy Librarian magazine, gave the book the rating of 3 Librarian's Eyeglasses (Highest Rating)

  • "This is surprisingly easy and interesting to read, with the author using many apt examples for illustration. With an extensive list of online resources, Hitchcock's useful book is highly recommended for all libraries," Mary Jane Brustman, Univ. at Albany Libs. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.

  • "This book would make an excellent basis for a course on Internet safety and security, as everybody should be aware of the dangers involved in communicating and doing business via a computer,", Free Pint magazine, Stephen Lafferty is taking Jayne Hitchcock's advice and not giving too much personal information away.
    Read the full review

  • "Net Crimes is not just for the person concerned about receiving nasty e-mail messages. Auction fraud and identity theft are touched upon here, as is information on protecting home computers from hacking attempts (it is more common than you think, Hitchcock reveals) and pornography. Despite the forboding title and cover art of Net Crimes, Hitchcock's manner in presenting her case and information in no way implies that people should not use the Internet. As with any invaluable resource, the Internet can be used for good and bad purposes, and Hitchcock's achieves her goal with Net Crimes in helping people surf safely and avoid bumps on the Information Superhighway that might otherwise dissuade a novice user from turning on his computer again," Kathryn Lively, Catholic Exchange, read the full review here

  • "Filled with real life examples Jayne has encountered, both with her own case and with other victims she has worked with, the reader can see where some of these people have made mistakes... mostly by trusting a stranger and giving them too much personal information. This is a great book that I've already used several times to check up on things when handing out advice. It is an asset to any Internet user's library, whether for an active advocate against cyberstalking, or for the everyday person, beginner or experienced," Cassandra Jacobs, Internet Safety Advocate for WHO@.

  • "Read this book and you will think twice about everything you do on the Internet. Like most people, I had the impression that if you are Internet savvy and a little bit careful, then you have nothing to worry about in cyberspace. The real-world examples presented in the book, including the author's own horrible experiences, show how you can be victimized even when you have done nothing wrong or stupid," Ian Whitten, Full review here

  • "While the crimes keep the reader glued to the book (I did not put it down until I reached the end.), its real value lies in its advice for current victims, as well as, for those who want better to protect themselves online," New York State Bar Association, read the review here (scroll down)

  • "The book is an excellent read, covering all the different types of scams and harassment that can take place online, including bad eBay auctions, adoption fraud — as well as extreme cases such as when a stalker posted photos of a woman on his Web site before he killed her," James Tew, columnist for Suburban Chicago News.

  • Today's Books designated NET CRIMES & MISDEMEANORS one of their "Best Reads" with the following rating:

    "!!!!!Must Read"

    (their top rating)

    Today's Books is a public news service for the news media in the book publishing industry. According to their editors, the "Best Reads" designation represents the top ten percent of new books published in America each year.

  • ". . .the best watch-out-when-you're-online book I've ever seen," David Brooks, New Hampshire Business Review

  • " It is GREAT! The true stories, the resources, the warnings, the is going on my Christmas list for just about everyone I know! Thank you so much! My husband couldn't wait to get his hands on it after I finished it. The style was so easy to read, yet the information is vital to each one of us that uses the Internet. I'm going into cyberspace, forewarned and forearmed thanks to you!" Melissa Gould, author.

  • " If you ever find yourself being harassed online, get "Net Crimes & Misdemeanors," a new book from Information Today. Author J.A. (Jayne) Hitchcock. . .provides tips, strategies, and techniques that can be put to immediate use," Ina Steiner, Editor & Publisher of

  • "I just wanted to commend you on the outstanding work you did with Net Crimes and Misdemeanors! I am a private investigator in Wisconsin and one of my specialties is cases involving e-mail or the Internet. I am constantly speaking to clients and others on the dangers and pitfalls that can be found online. In fact, I am in the preliminary stage of setting up a seminar for the public on online safety. I will certainly be recommending your book to all attendees!" Jim Cobb, Timber Wolf Investigations.

  • "A must read book if learning how to stay safe and using the Internet are important to you," Tim Remsburg,

  • "BTW, your book already helped me in a real-world situation. A friend sent me an email petition endorsing National Firefighter's Day. I did some research at and found the origin of the letter and a link to a better, more effective way to endorse a similar petition. I wish I had your book 6 years ago!" Richard Knox, Infrasound WebWorks

  • "Hitchcock is an excellent teacher. She does not “talk down” to people who are already heavy users of the Internet . For beginners or novices, she explains the potentially new terms, provides a glossary, a resource section and references for each chapter," Shirley Smoyak, RN, PhD, FAAN
    (the full review appeared in the October 2002 issue of the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services).

  • "Finally a commonsense book about computer privacy written with common people in mind! J.A. delivers the goods with thorough and insightful details on everything from identity theft to spam to safeguarding our kids in cyberspace. Since I do a fast-paced morning talk show in Dallas I rarely keep a guest for more than one segment. J.A. stayed for most of two! She knows her stuff and her pacing is on the mark when it comes to the interview. She does a great job of letting you deliver the pitch before she belts it out of the park with solid information," Darrell Ankarlo, host of Ankarlo Mornings on KLIF, Dallas, Texas

  • "The book contains a massive volume of useful information about how cyberstalkers, identity thieves, financial scammers and others victimize innocent Internet users. For business executives, Chapter 14 offers an excellent compilation of practical steps for protecting employees as well as the company from the many cyber-threats from inside and outside the organization," Peter Goldmann, Editor, White-Collar Crime Fighter

  • "(This) book is marvelous! I received my copies a couple days ago and I am totally pleased with 'GMU has a Clue!!!' How very clever! And you said so many nice things about the school. . .and me!" Connie Kirkland, coordinator of Sexual Assault Services at George Mason University.

  • "She (Hitchcock) offers useful tips for parents on keeping their children safe in cyberspace. While she discusses filters, she does not fall into the trap of believing that machines alone can solve a problem that requires human judgment and parents' knowledge of their own children's vulnerabilities, strengths, and moral understanding.
    Hitchcock also tells you how to defend your computer against marauding viruses and worms. The fact that she explains everything in clear, non-technical language that can be understood by even technological doofuses (doofi?) adds greatly to the book's value. This is a good addition to both a library collection and to your own professional reading,"
    Marylaine Block, Ex-libris

  • "Jayne Hitchcock distinguishes herself as a real cybercrime expert. Her book will motivate people to sit up and take notice of what's going on around them and to help them to respond appropriately to the threats that all people face online. Online stalking, harassment, and other crimes are not laughing matters and they should never be taken lightly. In this one book Jayne Hitchcock provides all the reasons why everyone should take such threats more seriously," Jim Moran, the WebReviewer.

  • "Filled with real-world examples, hard advice, and web pointers. Eye-opener for those who think Internet is only a virtual world," - Vint Cerf, One of the Fathers of the Internet

  • "Revealed at last, the secrets to all the bugaboos and spam that come through your email. And most important, the solutions to the intrigue and mysteries. J.A. Hitchcock has produced an insightful book that is a must read for everyone who owns a computer. Without exaggeration, her advice will truly benefit millions," Clive Cussler, international best-selling author of the Dirk Pitt adventure series.