Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists



Author J.A. Hitchcock is working on three more cybercrime-related books and needs your story or expertise to include in them. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Due to the number of interviews Hitchcock is conducting for these books, you cannot get a free copy of the book, but will be offered the author's discount for the book your story appears in. Remember - the more the word gets out about cybercrimes and how people can become victims, the better off the public will be.

    If you've had any of the following happen to you online, send an e-mail to J.A. Hitchcock with a short synopsis of what happened to you online and the outcome.

    If you are considered an expert on any of these subjects (or know someone who is), send an e-mail to J.A. Hitchcock with a short description of the expertise.

  • Scams (such as the Nigerian scam)
  • Phishing or Pharming
  • Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Shopping fraud, harassment or scams
  • Auction fraud, harassment or scams
  • Harassment and/or cyberstalking
  • Dating and personal ads - good and bad experiences
  • Child luring/child safety
  • Bullying
  • Spam
  • Credit card theft/scams
  • Privacy issues: Private information available for free or a fee about you (ie public records, property records, telephone numbers, etc)
  • Anonymity issues regarding free public Internet access in libraries, cafes, etc.
  • Online adoption fraud
  • Virus, trojans, hacking, firewall safety
  • Keystroke loggers, spyware, etc
  • Chat room harassment (text, voice, webcam)
  • Online dating (good and bad stories)
  • Trolls, spoofers, sock puppets, etc
  • GPS stalking/harassment
  • Cell phone abuse or harassment, including text messaging, photos and videos
  • Webcam harassment or abuse
  • Wifi Security
  • Do you use PGP or other encryption and why?
  • Anything not mentioned