Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists

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Chapter 4: Urban Legends
Chapter 5: Scams, Safe Shopping, and Online Banking

Chapter 4 – Urban Legends

Urban Legends: Get the Scoop

Truth or Fiction

How Urban Legends Work

Official CDC Hoaxes & Rumors Page

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Don’t Spread That Hoax!

The Urban Legend Combat Kit


Break The Chain – Your B.S. Detection Kit

USPS Response to “E-mail Tax Bill”

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Chapter 5 – Scams, Safe Shopping, and Online Banking

Tips to Protect Yourself While Shopping Online

Privacy Foundation

Banking and Investing Online Resource Group

Best Shopping

Crimes of Persuasion
Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds
How con artists will steal your savings and inheritance through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams.

E-shopping (in the UK)

The FBIs Internet Fraud Complaint Center

National Fraud Information Center Internet Fraud Watch

Frank Fiore’s Online Shopping Tips

Skiftelecom Credit Card Fraud
'Tis the season for credit-card heists



American Express Fraud Protection

Discover Financial Services Shopping Guide

Visa Internet Shopping Guide

US Postal Inspection Service

Free Online Banking in America

Bank Rate

Quicken Online Banking

MS Money Online Banking Page

Scams, Frauds, Hoaxes, etc on the Internet from A to Z

This is one of the most comprehensive web sites devoted to online scams, including shopping and banking. They offer a monthly newsletter with the latest information that can be e-mailed to you

Planet Feedback


PriceWatch (comparison shopping)

Gomez Advisors

How to Avoid Online Investment Scams

BBB Shop Safely Online

BBB (Better Business Bureau Online Complaint System

The National Consumers League
(202) 835-3323

CCIPS (Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, USDOJ)

Department of Homeland Security
Research and Technology
(202) 323-3205

National Fraud Information Center

FDIC Tips For banking Safely Online

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