Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists

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Chapter 15: Protecting The Children
Chapter 16: Office Know-how - Stay Safe in the Workplace
Chapter 17: Police Duty - Our Nation's Finest Boot Up

Chapter 15: Protecting the Children

KTD-L.jpg - 29510 Bytes WHOA-KTD (Kids/Teen Division)

Exposing Online Predators

Consumer Reports

PC Turnoff

UK Guide to Online Safety for Parents

Chat Monitoring
SafeChat safechat.jpg - 5256 Bytes Cyberbullying (Canada)

Bullying Online (UK)

Be Safe Online/Cyberbullying

Online Bullying Help


Enologic Net Filtering

computertime.gif - 3690 Bytes Software Time

Safe Eyes

Dnet Safe Internet for Families

Leetspeak info/converter

AOL-12 year old translator

Gaggle.jpg - 19886 Bytes Filtered email program for educational institututions

Learn Leetspeak

All About Leetspeak

Chat Checker



Parental Control/Monitoring Software
PC Tattletale

pandora.jpg - 18878 Bytes PC Pandora Monitoring Software
PC Pandora

Get Net Wise

Increasing Online Safety for America's Children

iProtect You

Cyber Snoop

A CyberCops Guide To Internet Child Safety

Internet Child Safety

World Village

Safe Chat for Kids

Kid Chatters (safe chat)


NCMEC Cyber Tipline

Safetyed International

Operation Blue Ridge Thunder

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)

CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act)

CCRC (Crimes against Children Research Center) Kids

FTCs KidzPrivacy Site

DOJs Kids Page For Staying Safe Online

FBIs Parents Guide to Protecting Children Online

Safe Kids

Safe Surfin

McGruff The Crime Dog




Family Connect

Mayberry USA

Safe Access

More can be found at The List
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Chapter 16: Office Know-How: Stay Safe in the Workplace

Sample Acceptable Use Policy

PearlEcho Monitoring Software

How To Handle Online Corporate Harassment

Employment Law News: Online Harassment

Title VII – Civil Rights Act of 1964

AMA (American Management Association)
A not-for-profit management and training organization

Stroz Associates
Computer Crimes Consulting Firm


Online Guide to E-mail & the Internet in the Workplace
By Susan E. Gindin
The Bureau of National Affairs

Creating an Online Privacy Policy

Technology & Online Harassment in the Workplace

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Chapter 17: Police Duty
Our Nation's Finest Boot Up

C.A.T.C.H. (Computer And Technology Crime High-Tech Response Team)


Cyberstalking and Law Enforcement

International Association of Chiefs of Police


WHOIS (alternate site)

COTSE (lookup and trace tools)

IP Address Lookup

Kennebunk, Maine Police Department

Maine Computer Crimes Task Force

Nashua, New Hampshire Police Department

Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
High Technology & Computer Crimes Division

Alexandria, Virginia Police Department

Somerset, Kentucky Police Department

San Diego County District Attorney

NCVC (National Center for Victims of Crime)
1-800-FYI-CALL (1-800-394-2255)

Stalking Resource Center


Computer Crime & Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS)

Cops Online

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