Outmaneuvering Web Spammers, Stalkers, and Con Artists

Disclaimer: Some of the URLs listed in the book are no longer functional and will be updated/replaced as necessary.

Chapter 1: Cyberstalking Happened To Me
Chapter 2: Words Can Hurt
Chapter 3: Spam Not In A Can

Chapter 1 – Cyberstalking Happened To Me
US Postal Inspection Service

Official misc.writing Web Site

Abuse of Usenet

WHOA (Working to Halt Online Abuse)

WHOA-KTD (Kids/Teen Division)

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Chapter 2 – Words Can Hurt

Pest Patrol


Network Solutions
WHOIS Lookup

IP Address Guide
IP Address Guide

WHOIS (alternate)
WHOIS Lookup

Eye Net Tools


Tools of The Trade
(WHOIS lookup; ping; traceroute; more)

Nslookup Tutorial

WHOIS Lookup (alternate site)
WHOIS Alternate

Geobytes IP Address Lookup
IP Locator

Network Tools

“Shut The Door” Online Safety Brochure by Taryn Pream

How to Show Full Headers


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Chapter 3 – Spam Not In a Can

The Story of "Nadine"

101 Things To Do With A Spammer

Random Spam

Spam Cannibal

No Spam HQ

vanquish.gif - 3431 Bytes Vanquish

Spam Relay Checker

Spam Laws


mw_large.gif - 4755 Bytes Mail Washer

Goodbye Spam

SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter


Spammers Anonymous

Spam Laws

Getting Rid of Spam

Spam Poetry

The Spam Letters

Anti Spam Home Page

Organizing Against Spam

Spam Recycling Center

Jon Postel’s “On the Junk Mail Problem”

The Infamous “Green Card” Lawyers

Ray Everett-Church

CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail)

Spam Cop


SPAM is not Spam

Spam News

Fight Spam

In Defense of Spam

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